Why Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Instagram stories launched in August, 2016 and in just 2 months it gained huge momentum. At present, Instagram has more than 300 million daily active users for stories. This data itself can vouch for its craze among users and, a true marketer knows, where there are users, there is opportunity.

What is Instagram Stories?

It allows users to show pictures and videos in the form of short slideshows, which can further be overlaid with text, emojis, GIFs, stickers etc. It offers a box-fresh tool that gives you 10 to 15 seconds to promote your brand, product or services to millions of users. These stories are momentary. It lasts only for 24 hours. This gives you the chance to be more fun and creative while creating stories.

How to use Instagram stories to promote your business?

  1. Behind The Scenes Stories
    People are always interested in taking a sneak peek behind the curtains. Share a glimpse of your office break room, upload a video of your team building exercise or a quick peek into the preparation of your next product launch. Your followers should feel like a part of your team.
  2. Trailers of new products
    Create a hype for your new product by showing a promo in your story. Plan a giveaway and ask your followers to spread the word about it.
  3. Live Q&A session
    Do a short 5 minute live Q&A session for your upcoming product or event. Invite your followers to ask you anything related to the topic.

Instagram stories give you a more playful way to engage your followers and build trust. The only point is to keep the content audience-focused and add value without being salesy.

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