Ranking on search engine is like a roller coaster. The SEO trends that are dominating today might fade off soon whereas the not so prevalent SEO practices might gain moment within a few months.

As Google pays more emphasis on the consumers’ buying pattern and browsing experience, the search engine constantly keeps improving the quality of search results. Considering this, it is important to keep up with the latest trends in SEO optimization strategies. Here is a list of SEO trends that are gaining momentum in 2018.

•  Added SERP Features

Gone are the days when your #1 ranking was sufficient to get you organic traffic. With the evolved SERP features, the search result pages are now flooded with videos, images, widgets, ads etc. In order to rank your website better with all these features use tools such as Rank Tracker to monitor your ranking and find out dominating keywords.

• Page Load Speed

In today’s fast paced and busy life, people want everything to appear instantly. If the users have to wait for a couple of seconds to get the page loaded, all they will do is press the back button and get the information from your competitor’s website. Google recommends page speed of 3 secs or less.

• Voice Search

Voice search will continue to grow in 2018 as well, as people find it more convenient to speak rather than typing. The content has to be in more conversational style, should include keywords & phrases that people generally use while speaking, as the terms while speaking and writing may differ.

• Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile for web browsing. Hence, it has become all the more essential to make your website mobile friendly.

• Linkless Backlinks

Though backlinks play an important role in getting good ranking, linkless mentions of your brands now holds equal importance. Search engine can easily find your brand mentions and analyze the website’s authority.

In order to get in the good books of Google, try to adapt the new SEO strategies. Though you may find it time-consuming but don’t you think it’s worth it!

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